Many people may not understand why putty powder is used for decoration. Putty powder is simple to use and can be used by simply adding water and mixing. It is mainly used to treat the wall when painting to make it smooth for the paint job. Not only is putty powder simple to use and works much better than normal paint, but what are the main advantages of putty powder?

What are the advantages of putty powder and why is it commonly used.

1. It is produced according to reasonable material ratios and in a mechanised way, avoiding the errors caused by on-site ratios and the lack of quality assurance in the traditional process.
2. The traditional process requires the addition of glue such as 901, which contains too many harmful substances, especially formaldehyde, and can cause an unpleasant smell after the wall is puttyed. The putty powder is made from natural plant binders, in addition to talcum powder, and has no odour after application.
3. The traditional process also uses sodium cellulose, which needs to be soaked in water for a long time before it can be used, with the result that it is likely to cause damage to the indoor environment. Because it is also a binder, it will inevitably spill some when modulating with talcum powder, which will also affect the construction environment. If decorated in summer, the scenario will be obvious. In addition, sodium cellulose is very difficult to soak up in winter, so the bonding effect is greatly reduced. Putty powder, on the other hand, is extremely soluble in water and can be used as soon as water is added.

The main functions of putty powder are as follows.

Why use wall putty
1.Beautifying function
During the decoration process, users require walls that are not only flat but also smooth and delicate. Some wall paints in particular require a higher level of finesse. To improve the smoothness, it is necessary to improve the properties of the putty base.
2.Anti-cracking effect
The most common problem in renovated houses is wall cracking, even before the house has been handed over. A good putty powder that is resistant to self-cracking is an important product indicator and can be constructed in accordance with the standard construction process for wall putty to effectively prevent wall cracking situations. A substandard quality of putty powder can lead to fine cracks in the form of a turtle’s back, hence the term “cracking”.
3.Filling function
Levelling is a basic requirement for a wall surface, which is usually tested with a tape measure and a level to ≤ 3 mm, thus filling is a basic function of putty. Unevenness abounds in construction. For example, unevenness of the cement mortar surface, unevenness of parts of the wall, or the general undulating shape of the roof in the light, which affects the aesthetics of the building.
Putty powder is widely used in high-end hotels, conference centres and domestic spaces and is a very popular decoration coating.
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