Project Description

1.Brief Introduction

RDP(Re-dispersible Polymer Powder)
The re-dispersible emulsion powder is a white powdery polymer made of emulsion by spray drying. In contact with water, the emulsion will disperse quickly and have the same film forming characteristics as the original emulsion. This film has high weather resistance, high toughness and high adhesion to different substrates. Its ingredients are: polymer (mostly based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE)), additives, protective colloid(polyvinyl alcohol) and anti – caking agent.


ItemsTechnical dataUnits
AppearanceWhite or off-white powder
Ash content10±2%
Average particle size~80μm
PH Value6-8
Minimum film forming Temperature0-5 ºc


The ingredients of RDP produced by Shenglaiou,

– Polymer resin: It’s the main component and the core of the RDP particles.
– Additive (inner) : Acts as a modified resin in conjunction with a polymer resin.
– Additive (outside) : Other materials added to extend the properties of RDP.
– Protective colloid: a layer of hydrophilic material wrapped on the surface of RDP particles. Most protective colloid of RDP is polyvinyl alcohol.

– Anti-caking agent: it’s a kind of fine mineral filler which is used for preventing the caking of RDP during storage and transportation. It can facilitate the flow of rubber powder.

RDP(Re-dispersible Polymer Powder)Advantage

1. Excellent waterproof performance;
2. Improves the construction;
3. After dispersing into a film, the polymer resin is distributed throughout the mortar system, and gradually plays a high bonding role over time to increase the cohesion of the mortar;
4. Increase the elasticity of mortar and make it open for a long time, so that the mortar has excellent alkali resistance;
5. Make the flexible crack resistant mortar more flexible.

RDP Typical Application

◆ Tile adhesives or tile grouts
◆ ETIFS mortar
◆ Self-leveling cement mortar
◆ Internal and external flexible wall putty
◆ Flexible crack resistant mortar
◆ ETRIS(external thermal insulating rendering systems made of mortar with mineral binder and using expanded polystyrene granule as aggregate) mortar
◆ Powder coating
◆ Polymer mortar products which has high requirement on flexibility



1. 25kg net Paper-PE compound bag or multi-layer paper bag with inner PE film.
2. 14 metric tons in 20 FCL or 28 Tons in 40’FCL.
3. Blank bags or OEM bags are available.

In dry places, avoid from rain, sunlight, oxide. Sealed if the bag is unspent.

In accordance with China laws and records on hazardous substances, it’s not a dangerous substance. For more information, please refer to our SDS.