Project Description

CMC Description

CMC is widely used as slurry treatment agent for oil industry, synthetic detergent, organic detergent aid, textile printing and dyeing sizing agent, water-soluble gelatinous tackifier for daily-use chemical products, tackifier and emulsifier for pharmaceutical industry, thickener for food industry, adhesive for ceramic industry, industrial paste, sizing agent for paper industry, etc. It is used as a flocculant in water treatment, mainly for wastewater sludge treatment, and can improve the solid content of the filter cake.

CMC for Toothpaste Description

As people’s standard of living increases, their requirements for daily necessities are becoming higher and higher, and toothpaste, as a daily necessity, is no longer just a simple function of cleaning the mouth, but is gradually turning into a functional, health-care toothpaste. To this end, many new varieties have been developed: medicated, anti-acid, anti-haemorrhagic and all-round toothpastes. This has placed new demands on the quality of CMC, one of the main ingredients in toothpaste production.

I. Advantages of CMC for toothpaste.

1. Good rheological and thixotropic properties.
2. Acid resistance: it can resist the range of PH value 2-4.
3. Salt resistance: can be used in the paste with various inorganic salts, and will not degrade significantly with the passage of time paste viscosity.
4. Heat resistance: good and stable heat resistance effect.
5. High transparency: high transparency of the paste due to high uniformity of substitution and few free fibres.
6. Strong anti-microbial ability: due to the good uniformity of substitution, the paste has strong anti-enzyme properties.

II. The application characteristics of CMC in toothpaste.

1. Good compatibility with various raw materials in toothpaste fine paste.
2. No water separation, no shelling, no coarsening.
3. Good stability and suitable consistency. Can give toothpaste a particularly pleasant taste.
4. Ensuring the storage stability of the paste in the tube and extending the shelf life
5. Good extrusion dispersion of the paste.
6. Good paste appearance and streak-forming properties.
7. CMC solution has better rheological and thixotropic properties.

CMC for Toothpaste