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CMC Destription

CMC is a highly efficient papermaking auxiliary, which can be used in many processes such as pigment coating, pulp addition and surface sizing, etc. It has good water retention, dispersibility and excellent shear thinning.CMC for Paper Industry is very Suitable.

I. The main role of CMC in pigment coating

1. Control and adjust the rheology of the coating and the dispersion of the pigment, and improve the solid content of the coating.
2. To make the paint with pseudoplasticity and improve the coating speed of the paint.
3. Enhance the water retention of the paint and prevent the migration of water-soluble adhesives.
4. Good film-forming properties, improve the gloss of the coating.
5. Improve the retention rate of the whitening agent in the coating and improve the whiteness of the paper.
6. Improve the lubricity of the coating, improve the quality of the coating and extend the service life of the squeegee.

II. The main role of CMC in the pulp addition

1. Improve grinding efficiency, promote fiber refinement and shorten pulping time.
2. Adjust the pulp potential, uniform dispersion of fibers, improve the paper machine “copy performance”, and further improve the formation of the paper sheet.
3. Improve the retention rate of various additives, fillers and fine fibres.
4. Increase the bonding force between fibers and improve the physical properties of the paper.

III. The main role of CMC in surface sizing

1. Good rheology and film-forming properties.
2. To reduce the paper surface porosity, improve the oil resistance of paper.
3. Increase the brightness and gloss of the paper.
4. To increase the stiffness and smoothness of the paper and control curl.
5. Improve the surface strength and abrasion resistance of paper, reduce linting and powdering, and improve printing quality.

The quality of Shenglaiou CMC for Paper Industry for your needs.

CMC for Paper Industry