Project Description

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) has various functions in food such as thickening, emulsifying, suspending, water retention, enhancing toughness, puffing and preserving freshness, etc. These properties of CMC are incomparable to other thickening agents. It can be used in food to improve the taste, enhance the grade and quality of products, and also extend the shelf life.

High quality of CMC for food.

I. The functions of CMC for food production:

1. Thickening: obtain viscosity at low concentration. It can control the viscosity during food processing and give the food a sense of lubrication.
2. Water retention: reduce the shrinkage of food dehydration, to extend the shelf life of food.
3. Dispersion stability: maintain the stability of food quality, prevent oil and water stratification (emulsification effect), control the size of crystals in frozen food (reduce ice crystals).
4. Film formation: forming a gelatinous film in fried food to prevent excessive absorption of oil and grease.
5. Chemical stability: stable to chemicals, heat and light, with a certain resistance to mould and mildew.
6. Metabolic inertness: as an additive to food, it will not be metabolised and does not provide heat in the food.

II. Role of CMC in various types of food

Lactic acid bacteria drinks
Yoghurt beverages
1.CMC is added to prevent protein coagulation and precipitation in beverages and to prevent stratification;
2.It gives the drink a unique delicate and refreshing taste, making the drink taste particularly good.
3.CMC is a good replacement for uniformity, ensuring the stability of acidic beverages and longer shelf life.
Cocoa beverages
Chocolate beverages
1.Improves dispersion stabilisation and inhibits viscosity growth during storage;
2.Improves solids suspension.
Instant noodles
Raw noodles
Hanging noodles
Improves water retention, preservation properties, lustre and sinew, strength and breakage.
Fruit jams
Mooncake fillings
1.To impart a certain thixotropy, to prevent dehydration and to improve storage stability.
2.Improving the uniformity and stability of dispersion of various fillings, maintaining a certain viscosity and increasing shelf life.
3.Imparting a certain smoothness and texture.
Frozen dumplings
Frozen dumplings
Frozen ravioli
Improved water retention capacity, improved preservation properties, improved gloss and tenderness; prevents cracking and ice crystals from secondary freezing.
Soy sauce
Instant noodle sauce packets
Stabilising the various components of soy sauce and sauce packets; dispersing the various components of the seasoning to homogenise it
Ham sausages
Improving the organisation of the product, resulting in a tender texture.
Ice cream1.Produces proper swelling, creates a slim tissue, improves mouthfeel and taste;
2.Prevents the formation of ice crystals during storage and improves conformability.

CMC for food