Project Description

CMC Description:

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, an organic substance, is a carboxymethylated derivative of cellulose and is the predominant ionic cellulose gum. CMC-Na is a white fibrous or granular powder, odourless, tasteless, hygroscopic and easily dispersed in water to form a transparent colloidal solution.

CMC is widely used as slurry treatment agent for oil industry, synthetic detergent, organic detergent aid, textile printing and dyeing sizing agent, water-soluble gelatinous tackifier for daily-use chemical products, tackifier and emulsifier for pharmaceutical industry, thickener for food industry, adhesive for ceramic industry, industrial paste, sizing agent for paper industry, etc. It is used as a flocculant in water treatment, mainly for wastewater sludge treatment, and can improve the solid content of the filter cake.

CMC for Battery Description:

CMC products are widely used by domestic and international battery manufacturers as the main binder for aqueous system cathode materials. The optimum amount of binder can achieve relatively large battery capacity, more cycle life and relatively low internal resistance.

I. Application characteristics of CMC in batteries:

1. Good hydrophilicity of CMC, good compatibility, good mixing with various metal powder froth.
2. The product has very slight metal ions, replaces evenly, stable viscosity, strong adhesion, high transparency of aqueous solution and good fluidity performance.
3. It can improve the voltage platform of the battery, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, lower the internal pressure of the battery and improve the characteristics of the battery working at high current.
II. Role of CMC as a battery binder.
1. Bonding and protection of the active substance.
2. Stabilization of the structure of the pole piece.
3. Preventing the precipitation of the active substance.
4. Improve charging and discharging performance.

CMC for Battery